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Interviewing for a School Cleaner? 5 Key Questions to Ask

Hiring commercial cleaning services is an important decision for any organisation. When that organisation is a school, it’s even more crucial to get it right, because it involves cleaners working around children. While the bulk of the work will most likely be done outside regular school hours, extra-curricular activities mean that there will usually be students around even after school is out for the day. Here are five important questions that should be part of your line-up when you are interviewing a

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5 Restaurant Appliances that Need Professional Cleaning

Restaurant premises can be hot and humid, particularly around the kitchen spaces. This provides an ideal climate for potentially dangerous bacteria to flourish. Daily washing down of all surfaces with appropriate cleaning products is essential in keeping your restaurant clean and hygienic, but there are also particular pieces of equipment that should be tackled regularly to ensure that they are kept clear of food scraps and grease. Here are five pieces of equipment that your restaurant cleaners should have on a rolling

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10 Ways to Keep Your Car Showroom Spotless

First impressions are important in most endeavours, but in car sales, they can be crucial. The last thing you want in a competitive industry is for a grimy showroom to let you down by not displaying the cars to their best advantage, or worse giving customers the impression you’re unprofessional. The trick is to have your commercial cleaning service create a regular timetable of basic cleaning and maintenance tasks. Floors. Most car showrooms have a high gloss tiled or polished floor that can

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10 Common Bacteria Breeding Grounds in Restaurants

Food poisoning is a risk that worries many people when they eat away from home. While it is assumed that restaurants follow safe food practices, it’s not something that can be guaranteed. As it happens, it’s not only the food itself that can harbour harmful bacteria. Here are ten common areas of potential contamination risk in restaurants, some food based, some not. In the public areas of the restaurant: Smorgasbords – Food left out on a buffet isn’t always kept at consistently maintained

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Understanding the Importance of Hospital Hygiene

Historically, hospitals used to be places to fear – scenes of people refusing to go to a hospital ‘because that’s where people die’ play out repeatedly in historical literature and films. Prior to the understanding of how diseases spread, this was an entirely valid fear. Lack of appropriate sanitation and isolation of contagious patients resulted in hospitals being places where it was more than likely that people could die of opportunistic infections. The rise of modern hygiene The work of Louis Pasteur and

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